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Yan Chain Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Yan Chain Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Yan Chain Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
  • Manual Gear Coupling Index Table

    Manual Gear Coupling Index Table(YSCT)

  • Hydraulic Gear Coupling Index Table

    Hydraulic Gear Coupling Index...(YHCT)

  • NC Gear Index Table

    NC Gear Index Table (YTDC)

  • NC Horizontal Gear Index Table

    NC Horizontal Gear Index Table(YNCH)

  • Auto Gear Index Table (Vertical/Horizontal)

    Auto Gear Index Table (Vertical/Horizontal)(YHCTV)

  • Rotary Table

    Rotary Table(YCR3)

  • Manual Tailstock

    Manual Tailstock (YHTS)

  • Hydraulic Tailstock(Pneumatic Lock)

    Hydraulic Tailstock(Pneumatic...(YHTM)

  • Hydraulic Tailstock(Pneumatic Lock)

    Hydraulic Tailstock(Pneumatic...(YFT)

  • Rotary Tailstock (Hydraulic lock)

    Rotary Tailstock (Hydraulic lock)(YDT)

  • NC Index Table (Pneumatic Lock)

    NC Index Table (Pneumatic Lock)(YTD-P)

  • NC Index Table (Hydraulic lock)

    NC Index Table (Hydraulic lock)(YTD-H)

  • Turning Part

    Turning Part

  • Turning Part

    Turning Part

  • Turning Part

    Turning Part

 About Us

Yan Chain Enterprise Co., Ltd. founded in 2007, is a member of the Yan Chain Enterprise Group. We are one of the world’s leading providers of the service of Index/Rotary table and Metal parts manufacturing and pride ourselves as a leader in offering a comprehensive range of advanced Metal parts manufacturing by CNC Lathe-turning and Milling machines.

Our factories provided the best quality product and professional service to our customers around the world as following.

Specialized in the manufacturing of a wide range of Index/Rotary tables for application on machining centers, boring machines, milling machines, grinding machines, and special purpose machines...etc. The Index/Rotary tables would be a solution of industrial automation application as industrial robots, machine tools, assembly, semiconductor equipment, electronic manufacturing, etc.

We have been specialist in producing high precision metal parts of Auto, Motorbike, Bike, Electronic and Special Fastener by Common Lathe, NC, CNC Lathe-turning and CNC Milling machines machine manufacture. We are welcome any special parts manufacturing from customer design requirement and OEM service.

Our goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction as a result of continuous improvement and our dedication to quality , engineering and technical excellence.

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Yan Chain Enterprise Co.,Ltd.


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