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Yow Chern CO.,LTD

Yow Chern CO.,LTD
Yow Chern CO.,LTD
  • Particle Board Screw

    Particle Board Screw

  • Chipboard Screws With Holt

    Chipboard Screws With Holt

  • Chipboard Screw

    Chipboard Screw

  • Window Screw

    Window Screw

  • Wheel Nuts

    Wheel Nuts

  • Wheel Bolt

    Wheel Bolt

  • Welding Nut

    Welding Nut

  • Welding Stud

    Welding Stud

  • Welding Stud

    Welding Stud

  • Thread Forming Screw

    Thread Forming Screw

  • Thread Cutting Screw

    Thread Cutting Screw

  • Special Screw/PT Screw

    Special Screw/PT Screw

  • T Bolt

    T Bolt

  • T Bolt

    T Bolt

  • Special Bolt

    Special Bolt

 About Us
Established since 1991 start with OEM screw production
Accepted orders from oversea and direct trading company in 1994
Certified by MEA,Germany as qualified supplier in 1995
Awarded by ISO-9002 in 1998
Received Taiwan Patent 86207346 for Aster Screw in 1999
Received German DPUM Nr. 200 141 47.3 for Aster Screw in 2000
Received U.S.A Patent U.S 6,450,748 B1 for Aster Screw in 2002
Awarded Great Britain BSI QS-9000 in 2002
Received U.S.A Patent U.S 6,524,046 B2 for Wedge Anchor in 2003
Expanded business for automobile and special parts in 2004
Received European Patent 1180609 for Aster Screw in 2005
Received European Patent 1243801 for Wedge Anchor in 2005
Awarded by ISO/TS 16949 in 2006
Invested Plating facility and New Packing Warehouse in 2006
Invested Sorting facility in 2007
Accredited TAF Lab in 2007
Built new office and factory in 2009
Received European Patent 1972800 for Screw Anchor in 2010
Received Trademark certificated for ASTER® in 2010
Invested "Wire drawn facility" in 2011
Apply for CE Appproval of EN 14566 and EN 14592 in 2011
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Yow Chern CO.,LTD

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Trading Company,Manufacturer,OEM


Aster Screw,Aster Chipboard Screws,Aster Particleboard Screw,Auto Parts,Concrete Screw,Furniture & Construction Screw,Split Rivet,Clevis Pin,Screw Anchor,Sems & Stud Bolt,Special Parts & Bolts,Stainless Steel Screw,T Bolt,U-Bolt,Thread Forming Screw,Wedge Anchor,Welding Bolt & Nuts,Wheel Bolts & Nuts,Window Screw,Woodworking Screw,Shoulder Bolt,Special Carriage Bolt


No. 74-15, Chung-Lu Vil., A-Lien Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan