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 About Us
An expert manufactory of high strength fasteners in Taiwan founded in 1969. With self-contained facilities of heat treatment furnaces, mental finish, and fully inspection equipment, Ying Ming manufactures high strength fasteners.
[2007] Became a Tier 1 fastener supplier to Ford Motor Company in North America.
[ 2006 ] Accredited QMI ISO9001: 2000+AS9100B in March.
[ 2005 ] 1. Became a Tier 1 fastener supplier to Ford Motor Company in North America.
2. Haipu Sec. Plant officially opened and is equipped with the first and currently the only ZinKland 250 metal platting line in Taiwan certificated by MacDermid
3. Decorated the 2004 WORLD EXCELLENCE AWARD by Ford North America.
[ 2004 ] 1. Decorated the Best Partner Award by Ford Lio Ho.
2. Founded the Fuzhou Kingdom Metal Enterprise Company in Fuzhou with 87,000 M2 factory areas and USD 2.1 million-registered capital in January.
3. Initiated the construction of Haipu Sec. Plant with 16,859 M2 factory areas in October.
[ 2003 ] 1. Passed ISO/ TS 16949:2002 certificated by TUV in December.
2. Awarded the Annual Best Supplier by China Motor(Mitsubishi)Corporation.
[ 2002 ] Honored the annual Best Supplier by China Motor(Mitsubishi)Corporation and the Diamond Level Supplier by Ford Lio Ho.
[ 2001 ] Passed ISO 14001 Environmental Quality System certificated by Entela in November.
[ 1999 ] Ying Ming Fuzhou Industrial Corporation was completed on 26th September, and began production officially.
[ 1998 ] 1. Passed the QS 9000 certificated by Entela in March.
2. Dahu Plant was opened in September.
[ 1996 ] 1. Schemed the logistic-oriented Dahu Plant in March and began construction in November.
2. Classified by the China Motor(Mitsubishi)Corporation as TQ-AAAA supplier.
3. Capital increased to NTD 290,000,000/ USD 10,550,000.
[ 1995 ] 1. Passed ISO 9002 quality assurance system certificated by the Bureau of Commodity Inspection & Quarantine in March.
2. Granted Q1 Preferred Quality Award with flag rising in May.
3. Approved by the China Motor(Mitsubishi)Corporation of inspection-free supplier.
[ 1994 ] 1. In progress automatic warehouse was officially used.
2. Initiated the practice of Imagine System.
3. Obtained Q1 Preferred Quality Award by Ford Lio Ho in December.
[ 1989 ] 1. Classified by the Ford Lio Ho Company as class A supplier.
2. Utilization of registered trademark authorized by the National Bureau of Standards.
[ 1986 ] Promoted the computerization of management system thoroughly.
[ 1983 ] Acquisition of the Dynamic Fatigue Tester.
[ 1978 ] Became the supplier of Ford Lio Ho Company and China Motor(Mitsubishi)Corporation.
[ 1975 ] Established the quality control system by the guidance from Metal Industrial Development Center.
[ 1974 ] President Chin-Ting Liou, founder of the company, passed away. Mr. Glen(W.T.)Liou succeeded as President.
[ 1973 ] Became the supplier of Yulon (Nissan)Motor Corporation.
[ 1972 ] Developed connecting rod bolt, stud bolt, and hexagon key.
[ 1969 ] Ying Ming was founded, and initiated the production of high strength fasteners of grade 12.9
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Standard Parts,Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws & Set Screws,Hexagon Head Bolts

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220 People


No.112,Jong-Shiaw St.,Hunei Township, Kaohsiung County,Taiwan