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3,4 Station Double Length Bolt Former

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Products Name: 3,4 Station Double Length Bolt Former

Features Specifications:

3 station / 4 station Long Stroke Bolt Former (3 die 3 blow / 4 die 4 blow Long Stroke Bolt Former)
The cold forging machines for: Hexagon bolt with large width across flats for high tensile structural bolts
Hexagon socket head cap screw, set screw, socket countersunk head screw. 
specialized for DIN / SAE standards

Available Optional Devices:
- Air Clutch & Inverter
- Pneumatic transfer mechanism
- Universal transfer mechanism
- Feeding length digital control, or servo control with HMI
- Stopper length hand-wheel control, or servo control with HMI
- K.O. length hand-wheel control, or servo control with HMI
- Digital hand-wheel control
- Adjustable P.K.O.

Product size: 1/4(M6) ~ 1(M24)
Product length: 15mm ~ 300mm

3,4 Station Double Length Bolt Former
 About Us
Yeswin follows up CEO Mr. Chu's concept of management—friendship, quality, service, and sincerity—to run the business.For building up a long-term friendship with customers, Yeswin considers quality as the most important asset for enterprise and insists on making machine parts in Taiwan. We offer prompt and professional service and treat customers by sincerity for credibility.
We specialize in making bolt formers. Products include 3 die 3 blow bolt former, 4 die 4 blow bolt formers (standard, long-stroke, and super long-stroke types) and multi-station parts formers for special fastener parts, metal parts, etc.
We focus on upgrading and improving design to optimize bolt formers and fulfill the need for making high technique products. For any special request, please contact us freely!
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