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William Specialty Industry Co.,Ltd

William Specialty Industry Co.,Ltd
William Specialty Industry Co.,Ltd
  • Roofing Screw

    Roofing Screw

  • Multitasking Wood Screw

    Multitasking Wood Screw

  • Drywall Screws

    Drywall Screws

  • Chipboard Screw

    Chipboard Screw

  • Self Drilling Screw

    Self Drilling Screw

  • Farmer Screw, Roofing Screw, Sandwich Screw

    Farmer Screw, Roofing Screw, Sandwich...

  • Machine Screw

    Machine Screw

  • Self Tapping Screws

    Self Tapping Screws

  • Thread-Rolling Tapping Screw

    Thread-Rolling Tapping Screw

  • Plastics Screw

    Plastics Screw

  • Particle Board Screw

    Particle Board Screw

  • Self Piercing Screw

    Self Piercing Screw

  • Wood Screw

    Wood Screw

  • Concrete Screw

    Concrete Screw

  • Socket Cap Screw

    Socket Cap Screw

 About Us
About William Specialty Industry Co., Ltd.
Located in Kaohsiung City (south of Taiwan), WILLIAM has been specializing in manufacturing construction screws for 20 years. WILLIAM specially focuses on Drywall Screws, Self Drilling Screws (TEK, Farmer Screws, Roofing Screws), Sheet Metal Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Chipboard Screws, Particle Board Screws, Wood Screws, Thread Rolling (Forming) Screws, Machine Screws, Concrete Screws, Window Screw, Deck Screws, Plastics Screws, and Socket Screws etc.

* Established in 1998
* Founder Mr. William Doong
* Capital USD3,700,000
* 68 employees
* New plant established in 2008
* Area of plant 12,560sqm

Dec. 1998 - founded by Mr. William Doong
Feb. 1999 - created packaging factory
Jan. 2001 - ISO9002:1994 certified
Sep. 2005 - ISO9001:2000 certified
Jun. 2006 - established Testing Lab and trained by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF)
Mar. 2008 - Testing Lab certified with ISO/IEC 17025:2005
Dec. 2008 - established new plant occupying 12,560 sqm
Nov. 2009 - ISO9001:2008 certified
Mar. 2011 - ISO 14001:2004 certified
July 2011 - CE EN 14566:2002+A1:2009 certified
Sep. 2013 - CE EN 14592:2008+A1:2012 certified
Dec. 2016 - ISO14001:2015 certified
Dec. 2017 - ISO9001:2015 certified
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William Specialty Industry Co.,Ltd

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Multitasking Wood Screw, Drywall Screw, Chipboard Screw, Self Drilling Screw, Farmer Screw, Roofing Screw, Sandwich Screw, Machine Screw, Self Tapping Screw, Thread Rolling Forming Screw, Thread Rolling Screw, Plastics Screw, Particle Board Screw, Self Piercing Screw, Wood Screw, Concrete Screw, Socket Cap Screw, Stainless Steel Screw, Special Screw, Collated Screw


No.9, Gangshan N. Rd., Gangshan Dist.,Kaohsiung 82063, Taiwan






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