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Tzer Fa Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Tzer Fa Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tzer Fa Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • Hex Nuts

    Hex Nuts(A101)

  • Nylon Nuts

    Nylon Nuts(A102)

  • Cap Nuts

    Cap Nuts(A103)

  • Cap Nuts

    Cap Nuts(A104)

  • Flange Nuts

    Flange Nuts(A105)

  • Square Nuts

    Square Nuts(A106)

  • Square Nuts

    Square Nuts(A107)

  • Square Weld Nuts

    Square Weld Nuts(A108)

  • Square Weld Nuts

    Square Weld Nuts(A109)

  • Hex Weld Nuts

    Hex Weld Nuts(A110)

  • Kep Nuts

    Kep Nuts(A111)

  • Nylon Cap Nuts

    Nylon Cap Nuts(A112)

  • Rivet Nuts

    Rivet Nuts(A113)

  • Pierce Nuts

    Pierce Nuts(A114)

  • Flange Cap Nuts

    Flange Cap Nuts(A115)

 About Us
Tzer Fa Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980 in the Hemei Township of Changhua County, with a plant size of approx 3400m2. We enjoy an annual turnover of about USD 3 million, and have 15 employees. We aim to serve you with a responsible attitude, sincere spirit and professionalism.

The Company has an affiliated screw factory equipped with 17 screw machines and an annual capacity of 100 million screws, and is capable of developing and producing various screws according to customers' requirements.

In addition to the supply of spot products of general specifications, as well as the development and manufacturing of products with special specifications, we also provide customized products and other processing services at your request and within the deadline you propose. As long as you can furnish us with samples and design diagrams, we will be able to make them for you! Feel free to call us!

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Tzer Fa Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Nuts, Hex Head Screws, Small Screws, Carriage Bolts, Socket Cap Screws, Washers, Spring Snaps, Wrench, Anchors, Thread Rod, Rivets, Dowel Pins, Thumb Screws, Special Eye Screws, Wing Screws, Wing Nuts, Tack Glides, Turn Buckle


No 35, Alley 36, Lane 221, Hsiaoyi Rd, Homei Town, Changhau Hsine 508, Taiwan