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Blind Rivet

Products Name: Blind Rivet

Features Specifications:

OB Type, Steel/ Steel

Dia(d) Length(L) Grip range Shear(n) Tensile(n) Part number
mm/inch mm inch mm inch      
4.8(3/16") 10.0 .394 1.7-6.8 .067-.268 6400 5100 OBSS48100D
14.0 .551 5.5-11.0 .217-.433 OBSS48140D
6.4(1/4") 14.0 .551 2.1-9.5 .083-.374 11700 10400 OBSS64140D
19.0 .748 8.9-15.8 .350-.622 OBSS64190D

Blind Rivet
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Under the brand name of "PATTA", there are rivets, self-drilling screws, fastener, and many other items of building hardware. With over two decades of manufacturing experience, we have gained the confidence and ability to manage completed systems from beginning design to completed production. All this is done with emphasis on quality control, efficient customer service, and validated standard operating procedures. Our goal is to match every requirement, and individual demand of our customers.

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Our working team includes product development, marketing resources, and an information resource department. All these departments cooperate as a rapid, and customer orientated reaction force which is capable of sensing every new developmental wave from all industries, as well as keeping our customers supplied with up to date information.

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With twenty years experience in our field, our products are marketed, in an international environment containing over 60 countries. We are proud of the fact that we always provide complete satisfaction to out customers from all over the world.

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We provide the people, technology, components, and tools that help customers design, build, operate, manage, and maintain the next generation of communications devices, networks and services. We help customers design, manufacture, and deploy new products and technologies with our advanced electronics test, measurement, and monitoring solutions. We enable customers to accelerate their life science research in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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With continual invention and new development, we have extended our scope to be the number one supplier of professional building hardware since 2002. To develop the best products with very high quality, yet supplied at a reasonable price is not only our ambition, but also our commitment, to everyone we now serve in the market.
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