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Lian Chuan Shing International Co., Ltd.

Lian Chuan Shing International Co., Ltd.
Lian Chuan Shing International Co., Ltd.
  • Flat Washer

    Flat Washer

  • Serrated Safety Washer & Contact Washer

    Serrated Safety Washer & Contact...

  • Conical Spring Washer & Ramp Conical Washer

    Conical Spring Washer & Ramp Conical...

  • Wave Washer & Single Wave Washer

    Wave Washer & Single Wave Washer

  • Square Washer & Threaded Square Washer

    Square Washer & Threaded Square...

  • External toothed washer

    External toothed washer

  • Internal toothed washer & Internal toothed spring washer

    Internal toothed washer & Internal...

  • External Toothed Lock Washer & Countersunk Toothed Lock Washer

    External Toothed Lock Washer &...

  • Special External Toothed Washer

    Special External Toothed Washer

  • Toothed lock washer

    Toothed lock washer

  • Special Lock Washer

    Special Lock Washer

  • Contact washer

    Contact washer

  • Double-D Hole & Hexagonal Hole Washers

    Double-D Hole & Hexagonal Hole...

  • High Strength Friction Grip Washer

    High Strength Friction Grip Washer

  • Flange Washer

    Flange Washer

 About Us

Lian Chuan Shing (LCS) was founded in September 1996, and specializes in manufacturing washers and metal parts. Continuously offering innovation and improved technology, the company has a firm belief in being customer-oriented, quality first, technology innovation, employee value and corporate responsibility. Armed with the study and persistence in quality, the company makes products that are widely trusted by both the domestic and foreign customers.

To enhance the competitiveness and service quality of the company in this era of rapid change, we began to implement ISO 9001 since 2003, and subsequently passed ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 quality management system certification. In addition to the commitment to the continuous improvement of quality management, we also fulfilled our corporate social responsibility, implementing ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000 and obtaining ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.

In recent years, we gradually increase both the depth and breadth of our business, improve manufacturing skills and offer more value-added products, making automotive fasteners that can be used by the world's major automakers. We can offer customization and all kinds of washers and parts to meet the customer demand. We solve problems to improve ourselves, and we hope to grow together with our clients and suppliers, forming a trustworthy business partnership.

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Lian Chuan Shing International Co., Ltd.


(1)Washers : Flat washers, Conical washers, Wave washers, Spring washers, Customized washers. (2)Nuts : Weld nuts, Special nuts. (3)Stamping Parts : Clips, Tubes, Customized stamping parts(OEM). (4)Assembling Parts : Screw/nuts/washer assembly, Special parts assembly.


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