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Hua-Wei Hardware Co., Ltd.

Hua-Wei Hardware Co., Ltd.
Hua-Wei Hardware Co., Ltd.
  • U-Type Plate Nuts

    U-Type Plate Nuts(USN-M)

  • U-Type Plate Nuts

    U-Type Plate Nuts

  • Retaining Ring(Internal)

    Retaining Ring(Internal)(RTW)

  • Retaining Ring(External)

    Retaining Ring(External)(STW)

  • Inverted Retaining Ring(Internal)

    Inverted Retaining Ring(Internal)(IRTW)

  • Inverted Retaining Ring(External)

    Inverted Retaining Ring(External)(ISTW)

  • Bowed E-Rings

    Bowed E-Rings

  • Crescent Rings

    Crescent Rings

  • U Type Rings

    U Type Rings

  • Klip Rings

    Klip Rings

  • Circular External Rings

    Circular External Rings(CSTW)

  • Circular Internal Rings

    Circular Internal Rings(CRTW)

  • Self Locking Ring(External)

    Self Locking Ring(External)(SPN)

  • Curved Washer

    Curved Washer(MB)

  • Wave Washer(For bearing use)

    Wave Washer(For bearing use)(WW)

 About Us
Hua-Wei Hardware Co., Ltd was established in year 1995 and located in Tao-Yuan City. Technically produced in Spring steel, whatever develops new product or mass production.
Our range of products are including various kinds of electronic washers, Mobile phone Fasteners, Spring steel series, several kinds of nuts, etc...
Especially we got our own professional team for custom-made parts and production, and extra work in manufacturing.
We got plenty of experiences team in production, from the charting the drawings, create new mode, mass production until packaging, we done every detail by ourselves.
We insist in fine qualities, specialized skills and sincere spirits, providing the best services to our customers.
Your Hope, My Insist, Our Belief.
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Hua-Wei Hardware Co., Ltd.

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Trading Company


Ring,Washer,Spring Pins,Nuts


1F-1, No.39, Jhuang 2nd. St., Taoyuan Ctiy, Taoyuan County 330, Taiwan






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