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Lih Lin Enterprises & Ind. Co., Ltd.

Lih Lin Enterprises & Ind. Co., Ltd.
Lih Lin Enterprises & Ind. Co., Ltd.
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  • Stainless Steel Screw

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 About Us
LIH LIN ENTERPRISES & INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in 1981. The group has more than 1200 employees now. There are two plants in Taiwan (Taipei and Kaohsiung), two plants in Vietnam (South and North Vietnam), one plant in Cambodia and one plant in China (SuZhou). Adhering to the business principle of quality, sincerity and competitive price. The company has laid down a firm foundation in fasteners industry and shipped products worldwide. Not only strategic alliance with international insiders in recent years LIH LIN has continuously invested huge capital into R&D for product improvement. In January 1999 the company acquired ISO9001 quality assurance system. Such achievement shows the company's endeavors in product upgrading.
The company produces mainly mild steel, stainless steel and solid brass screws with shipment of 3000 tons per month. Products offerings include drywall screws, chipboard screws, threading rolling screws, plastic screws, self-tapping screws, machine screws, wood screws, self-drilling screws...etc. Size range from #0 - 3/4” (2mm- 20mm), length from 1/8”- 24” (3mm- 600mm). All exported to foreign importers, distributors or end users.
Since the implementation of fasteners quality act, the fastener manufacturers of Taiwan has paid much attention to quality inspection and measurement. Lih Lin president Mr. Holland Wang who was employed in the Bureau of Commodity Inspection & Quarantine Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan 30 years ago. Based on previous experiences in quality inspection, he naturally has higher requirement to quality. The company's quality assurance division is directly supervised by the company's general manager for strict quality requirements. In addition to setting up the QA division, Lih Lin also owns a product development center in charge of development of high value added products. In the future, it will target TS16949accreditation for ensuring competitive abilities.
Due to Mr. Holland Wang, the president of LIH LIN Group was graduated from the department of Mechanical engineering in the university. He leads the company with mechanical engineering background and sincerity to run business. So many foreign customers are willing to sustain long term relationship in a cooperation base rather than short term market chaos. The company has lots of satellite factories in Taiwan from upstream to downstream industries which provide rich and fast production in response to global demands. Under the internationalization trend, it wants to establish jointly ventured subsidiaries in European market and U.S.A market and others.
To expand the Europe market Mr. Holland Wang bought a land and built a factory in Vietnam during the begin of the year 2000. The total area is 128000 sqm now.
The first factory has been established and can proceed the process of stainless steel screws from wire drawing, heading, slotting, rolling and passivate. The capacity of the production of these stainless screws is more than600 tons per month. It also make mild steel screws from wire drawing, annealing, heading, rolling, hardened, electro-plating, coating, package. The capacity of the production of these mild steel screws is more than 2500 tons per month (Including Bolt and Nuts, special parts) The China factory is located in SuZhou city, JiangSu. The main business is for local market. It makes small screw for Computer, Notebook, Mobil phone industrial. It also make for other industrial (Special parts) and export business (Drywall screws, Chipboard screws, Self-drilling screws) this year. It future plans to set up subsidiaries in order to explore the market. The group staff believes that the quality is company's foundation for everlasting business. Professional knowledge and services are also important factors for gaining customer's reliability.
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Lih Lin Enterprises & Ind. Co., Ltd.

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Chipboard Screw, Drywall Screw (Deck Screw), Self Tapping Screw, Self-Drilling Screw, Wood Screw, Machine Screw, Window Screw, Roofing Screw, Thread Rolling Screw, Particle Board Screw, Steel Screw, Stainless Steel Screw

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