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Channg Chin Industry Corporation

Channg Chin Industry Corporation
Channg Chin Industry Corporation
  • Chipboard Screws

    Chipboard Screws

  • Window Screw

    Window Screw

  • Special Screw-Special Coating

    Special Screw-Special Coating

  • Self Drilling Screws

    Self Drilling Screws

  • Machine Screw

    Machine Screw

  • Dowel Screw

    Dowel Screw

  • Stainless Steel Screws

    Stainless Steel Screws

  • Tapping Screws

    Tapping Screws

  • Flat Head With Knurls Track Screw

    Flat Head With Knurls Track Screw

  • Small Size Screw

    Small Size Screw

  • Head Tapping Screw

    Head Tapping Screw

  • Flange TT Head Thread Harden Plain Finish

    Flange TT Head Thread Harden Plain...

  • Phillips Pan Head Hinge Screw

    Phillips Pan Head Hinge Screw

  • Flat Head Machine

    Flat Head Machine

  • Round Head Screw/Phil Fillister Head Adjusting Screw

    Round Head Screw/Phil Fillister...

 About Us
The Hsieh Chin company was established in 1972 by president Cheng-Chung, Hong and it change to "CHANNG CHIN INDUSTRY Corp." In year of 1991. Our company was highly stressed on the development of R&D and manufacture process improvement which in accordance with our high quality demanded.
With the time changed, many screw manufacturers were determined to move out, however, we still insisted upon to base ourself in Taiwan where we originated.
Since "CHANNG CHIN" founded in 1972 until nowadays, our capacity was up to over than 5,000 metric tons every year. Initially, we main produced cutting wood screw but we import Rolling Machine for mass production of wood screw in1976.
Moreover, we also started to produce Machine screw, Drive screw, Self cutting screw, Twin thread drywall screw, Chipboard screw, Hi-Lo thread& Window screw, Furniture screw and Electronic, etc. In the meanwhile, we also produce standard and special custom parts depending on customers need or design. We develop new products and strive to high quality and satisfied service for customer. Keeping improvement is our faith and motive.
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Channg Chin Industry Corporation


Machine Screw,Self Tapping Screw,Wood Screw,Flat Head Socket Head Cap Screw,Round Head Screw


200, Lane 275, Shun-An Road, Lu-Chu, Kaohsiung, Taiwan