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An Chiao Molds Co.,Ltd.

An Chiao Molds Co.,Ltd.
An Chiao Molds Co.,Ltd.
  • First Punches for Hex Head Screw

    First Punches for Hex Head Screw

  • Carbide Dies,Tungsten Carbide Dies

    Carbide Dies,Tungsten Carbide...

  • Second Punches

    Second Punches

  • Forming Dies

    Forming Dies

  • Upper Dies

    Upper Dies

  • Hex/Square Heading Dies Dies For Triangular Screw Thread

    Hex/Square Heading Dies Dies For...

  • Threaded Heading Dies

    Threaded Heading Dies

  • First Punch Dies

    First Punch Dies

  • Lower Dies

    Lower Dies

  • Hexagonal Segmented Carbide Forming Dies

    Hexagonal Segmented Carbide Forming...

  • Heading Dies

    Heading Dies

  • Die Accessories;Sliede Die Holders/Spacer

    Die Accessories;Sliede Die Holders/Spacer

  • Punch Die Inserts(High Speed Steel)

    Punch Die Inserts(High Speed Steel)

  • Cut-off Knives/Carbide Quills

    Cut-off Knives/Carbide Quills

  • Toolings


 About Us
Our Purpose:
Satisfy the clients and serve the community.
Superior quality with everyone's involvement.
An Chiao Molds Co., an ISO9001 certified professional dies / molds manufacturer in Taiwan.
Our company philosophy is to constantly improve and develop the up-to-date technology on our products.
We’re doing our best to offer the shortest lead-time and assure the long lifespan of dies/molds
based on effective teamwork, best customer service and superior quality.
An Chiao Molds is your best friend and reliable partner for fastener dies.
Company key information:
April, 2003 — An Chiao Molds, Co., Ltd. established.
January, 2009–ISO 9001:2008 Certificated.
Number of employee: 38
Production Capabilities:
Outer Diameter: up to 140mm
Inner diameter:0.70-25mm
Length:up to 300mm
Inspection Equipments:
3D projector, Hardness Tester, Micrometers and vernier calipers,etc.
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Company Name:

An Chiao Molds Co.,Ltd.


super-rigid dies and tungsten carbide combination dies / fastener cold-forming dies / punch dies /hexagonal / square heading dies / trimming dies / dies for multi-stage forged fasteners / dies for trilobular screws / thread rolling dies / carbide quills / punches & pins, etc. / CNC machining process for parts, screws and bolts /other machining process like linear cutting, engraving and forming services


No. 8-1, Lane 69,Dapu 2 nd St., Kangshan Dist., Kaohsiung 82056,Taiwan