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Machine Screw(440) Wood Screw(214) Slotted Screw(31) Phillips Screw(35) Flat Head Socket Head Cap Screw(212) Socket Set Screw(119) One Way Screw(10) Round Head Screw(78) Flat Screw(65) Oval Head Screw(9) Pan Head Screw(75) Hex Head Screw(177) Dowel Screw(76) Self Drilling Screw(737) Furniture Screw(263) Wing Screw(38) Thread Cutting Screw(43) Brass Screw(57) Aluminum Screw(13) Electronic Screw(41) Micro Screw(81) Plastic Screw(109) Thumb Screw(46) High Low Thread Screw(38) Self Tapping Screw(559) Drywall Screw(227) Socket Cap Screw(83) Chipboard Screw(230) Stainless Steel Screw(235) Triangular Thread Screw(52) SEMS Screw(288) Open Die Screw(13) Collated Screw(74) Pozidrive Screw(4) Concrete Screw(136) Deck Screw(62) Hex Socket Screws(39) Long Screw(41) Special Screw(887) Roofing Screw(141) Masonry Screw(15) Window Screw(68) Thread Rolling Screw(76) Nylon Screw(24) Minifix Cam(22) Titanium Screw(9) BI-Metal Screw(52) Flange Screw(29) Euro Screw(27) Insulation Screw(1) License Screw(24) Stainless Steel Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Screw(25) Lock Screw(5) Sheet Metal Screw(24) Safety Screw(52) Construction Screw(39) Terminal Screw(6) Multi-Stroke Screw(19) Weld Screw(20) Ball Head Screw(13) Square Head Screw(16) Automotive Screw(21) Distance Screw(2) Pipe Screw(23) Motorcycle Screw(2) Hook Screw(2) Conial Screw(4) Sleeper Screw(4) T-Screw(5) Carbon Steel Screw(9) Self-clinching Screw(2) High Tension Screw(16) Floor Screw(1) Patent Screw(4) Hex Socket Shoulder Screw(41) Truss Head Screw(50) Particle Board Screw(30) Ball Plungers(19)


Square Head Bolt(34) T-Head Bolt(112) Carriage Bolt(94) Eye Bolt(75) Stud Bolt(124) Wheel Bolt(75) U-Bolt(46) Hook Bolt(26) High Strength Bolt(11) Titanium Alloy Bolt(8) Blind Bolt(2) Elevator Bolt(14) Expansion Bolt(0) Track Bolt(8) Hex Socket Head Cap Bolt(16) Round Head Bolt(30) Hex Flange Bolt(60) Welding Bolt(28) Roofing Bolt(9) Stainless Steel Bolt(45) Anchor Bolt(26) Hanger Bolt(20) Penta Bolt(6) Plow Bolt(11) Sidewalk Bolt(2) Tension Bolt(6) L Bolt(11) Countersunk Bolt(6) Spring Center Bolt(6) Toggle Bolt(13) Hex Bolt(84) Step Bolt(4) Shoulder Bolt(59) Special Bolt(330) Through Bolt(1) Cylinder Bolt(1) Flow Bolt(1) Big Size Bolt(8) High Torque Control Bolt(7) Welding Stud(42) Aerospace Bolt(1) Hex Socket Bolts(12) Connecting Bolt(28) Automotive Bolt(22) Structural Bolt(6) Multi-Stroke Bolt(4) Motorcycle Bolt(0) Flange Bolt(8) Hexagon Head Bolt(19)


Wing Nut(78) Hex Cap Nut(87) Square Nut(77) Round Nut(36) U-Nut(51) T-Nut(86) Hex Flange Nut(92) Hex Nut(191) Insert Nut(128) Pipe Nut(75) Wheel Nut(71) Kep Nut(26) Clinch Nut(39) Weld Nut(271) High Strength Nut(2) Flange Nut(67) Self Locking Nut(15) Ring Nut(1) Castle Nut(34) Eye Nut(14) Spring Nut(35) Brass Nut(74) Aluminum Nut(9) Alloy steel Nut(3) Sliding Nut(7) Blind Rivet Nut(57) Lock Nut(111) Hex Coupling Nut(31) Hex Jam Nut(19) Plastic Nut(17) Nylon Nut(58) Structural Nut(0) Conical Washer Nut(59) Stainless Steel Nut(59) Special Nut(416) Rivet Nut(97) Jack Nut(8) Nuts For Equals To Mold(1) Nuts For Oil Pans(1) Serrated Nut(1) Barrel Nut(10) Thumb Nut(2) Speed Nut(29) Automotive Nut(10) Motorcycle Nut(0) Cage Nut(16) Nylon Nut-Insert(1) Rubber Nut-Insert(1) Combi Nut(8)


Spring Washer(63) Flat Washer(124) Sealing Washer(18) Conical Washer(29) Nylon Washer(21) Stainless Steel Washer(14) Saddle Washer(11) Wave Washer(31) Internal Lock Washer(17) External Lock Washer(23) Square Washer(53) Umbrella Washer(11) Rivet Washer(13) Beveled Washer(3) Rubber Washer(12) Special Washer(120) Lock Washer(17) Plastic Washer(29) Cut Washer(3) Cup Washer(12) Sleeve Washer(0) Motorcycle Washer(0) Safety Washer(3) Copper Washer(10) Double Washer(15) Internal Tooth Lock Washer(48) External Tooth Lock Washer(47) Bonded Washer(48)


Semi-Tubular Rivet(100) Solid Rivet(23) Shoulder Rivet(15) Drive Rivet(11) Male-Female Rivet(31) Blind Rivet(129) Split Rivet(7) Snap Fastener(11) Plastic Rivet(4) Nylon Rivet(1) Eyelet Rivet(8) Special Rivet(53) Automotive Rivet(3) Carriage Rivet(0) Copper Rivet(4) Drilling Rivet(0) Multi-stage Rivet(7) Rolling Rivet(3) Stainless Steel Rivet(7) Multi-Stroke Rivet(1)


Pipe Clamp(44) Wire Rope Clip(49) Glass Clamp(12) Tablecloth Clip(6) Wire Clip(24) Spring Hose Clamp(6) Band Clamp(1) Hose Clamp(80) Spring Clamp(26) Clamps And Clips(158) U Type Clip(70) Steel Clamp(1)


Bulk Nail(18) Strip Nail(13) Coil Nail(16) Pallet Nail(8) Cement Nail(13) Roofing Nail(8) Square Nail(6) U Nail(12) Floor Nail(6) Shoot Nail(10) Ring Shank Nail(6) Finishing Nail(9) Duplex Nail(13) Clout Nail(12) Brad Nail(19) Cap Nail(14) Wire Nail(6) Copper Nail(9) Stainless Steel Nail(30) Safety Nail(1) Special Nail(16)


Internal Circlip(19) External Circlip(29) E-Ring(29) Retaining Ring(33) C-Ring(6)


Drive Pin(19) Pull Pin(2) Ball Lock Pin(35) R Pin(8) Clevis Pin(30) Spring Pin(37) Cotter Pin(34) Dowel Pin(57) Hitch Pin(13) Lynch Pin(5) Safety Pin(6) Snapper Pin(4) Taper Pin(5) Toggle Pin(1) K.O.Pin(6) Collated Pin(8) Special Pin(52)


Tie Wire Anchor(12) Plastic Anchor(64) Hollow Wall Anchor(28) Wedge Anchor(81) Bolt Anchor(22) Sleeve Anchor(57) Drop in Anchor(38) Cut Anchor(14) Self Drill Anchor(2) Hit Anchor(8) Chemical Anchor(8) Heavy Duty Shell Anchor(6) Gravity/Spring Toggle Anchors(14) Nylon Anchor(37) Speed Anchor(28) Hammer Drive Anchor(19) Lag Screw Shields Anchor(14) Lead Wood Screw Anchor(2) Plastic Screw Anchor(6) Conical Anchor(18) Ceiling Anchor(11) Metal Frame Anchor(21) Mushroom Head Anchor(1) Split Drive Anchor(3) Expansion Anchor Bolt(26) Easy Anchor(2) Key Anchor(2) Spendarl Anchor(1) Machine Screw Anchor(8) Chair Seating Anchor(1) Safety Nail Anchor(3) One Way Anchor Bolts(1) Anti-Theft Security Anchor Bolts(1) Special Anchor(24) Screw Anchor(6)

Hook & Hanger

Spring(13) J Hook(1) Snap Hook(40) Swivel Hook(36) Ring(8) Cup Hook(4) S Hook(17) Swing Hook(17) Square Hook(10) Wire Hook(12) Screw Eye(63) Screw Hook(12) Pegboard Hook(12) Storage Hook(14) Rope Hook(9) Swag Hook(6) Zinc Coat Hook(22) U Staple(2) Turnbuckle(50) Hardwall Hanger(5) Art & Picture Hanging Hardware(49) Screw Ring(10) Riggings Rope Hardware(37)

Fastener Equipment & Auxiliary Machinery

Screw Making Machine(27) Rivet Making Machine(26) Nail Making Machine(6) Nut Former(51) Thread Rolling Machine(106) Heading Machine(122) Bolt Threading Machine(14) Slotting Machine(3) Head Trimming Machine(12) Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine(60) Blind Rivet Assembly Machine(9) Electroplating Equipment(23) Heat Treatment Machine(30) Anchor Assembly Machine(2) Collated Screw Assembly Machine(1) Washer Assembly Machine(14) Roof Nail Assembly Machine(1) Rivet Nut Assembly Crimping Machine(1) Tapping Machine(57) Hook Making Machine(2) Bolt Former(76) Vibration Feeder(19) Rotary-Disc Sorting Machine(8) Conveyor Sorting Machine(8) Eddy Current Sorting Machine(2) Glass-Plate Sorting Machine(9) Roller Forming Machine(3) Rivet Nut Forming Machine(3) Set Screws Forming Machine(4) Screw Sorting Machine(9) Nut Sorting Machine(6) Roll Marking Machine(8) Chain Type Sorting Machine(1) Part Former(12) Roller Sorting Machine(2) Clamping Machine(1) Screw Point Cutting Machine(7) Tapping Head(9) Drilling Tapping Machine(3) Drilling Machine(2) Complex Machine(1) Automatic Nut Feeding Welding Machine(4) Nail Assembly Machine(6) Conveyor Loader(6) Grinding Machine(2) Screw Point Slotting Machines(3) Optical Measuring Instrument(3) Screw Optical Sorting Machine(15) Index Table(12) Accessories for Sorting Machine(6) Welding Transformer(35) Stud Welding Machine(4) Welding Machine(44) CNC Lathe Machine(12) Screw Former Computerized Automatic Detector(1) Polishing Machine(1) Labeling Machine(12) Hydraulic Crimping Machine(2) Nylon Nut Assembly Machine(3) Self-drilling Screw Forming Machine(3) Automatic Screw Assembly Machine(28) Automatic Sludge Separator(1) Vacuum Heating Oil Filter(2)

ODM Processing Spare Parts

CNC Turned Parts(1063) Stamping Parts(326) Cold Forming Parts(170) Powder Metallurgy Part(4) Plastic Injection Parts(2) Die Casting(85) Forging Part(26) Assembly Parts(2) Machine Part(19) Auto Parts(7) Hot Forming Tools(9)

Fastener Dies

Self Drilling Screw Molds(31) Nuts Tap(8) Thread Rolling Dies(44) Punch And Die(184) Multi-stroke Die(3) Open Die(17) Tungsten Carbide Die(17) Trimming Die(1) Machine Screw Rolling Dies(4) Tapping Screw Thread Rolling Dies(12) Fastener Fingers(6) Header Punch(11) Square Punch(9) Round Punch(11) Carbide Punch(6) Comprehensive Mold(10) Piercing Punch(4) Specialized Punch(61) 12-Point Punch(7) Hexagon Punch(31) Irregular Punch(79) Nut Punch(4) Forming Die(107)

Testing Equipment

Hardness Tester(10) Tensile Testing Machine(7) Profile Projector(6) Salt Spray Test Machine(7) Film Thickness Gauge(4) First Article Inspection Machine(0) Concentricity Gauge(1) Multiple Function Gauge(11) Penetration Gauge(3) Head Thickness Measurement Machine(1)

Wire Rod Coil

Carbon Steel Wire(7) Alloy Steel Wire(8) Stainless Steel Wire(6) Copper Alloy Wire(5)

Surface Treatment

Black Oxide Surface Treatment (Coating)(3) Powder Coating (Painting)(1) Painting(15) Paint Coating(14) Thread Locking and Sealing(51)

Packing Box/Packing Containers

Screws Plastic Packing Boxes(103) Cardboard Packing Boxes(1) Screw Packing Bags(2) Blow Molded Tool Boxes(1) Versatile Utility Tool Boxes(9) Parts Compartment Boxes/Parts Assortment Boxes(26) Parts Storage Cabinets(5) Parts Storage Bins/Tool Storage Bins(4)

Hand Tools

Bits(581) Powder Actuated Fastening Tools(15) Gas Fastening Tools(5) Steel Clamping Kit(4) Manual Tools(3) Automatic Tools(1) Drill Bit(19) Autofeed Screwdriver(4) Air Pull-Setters(16) Riveter(36) Rivet Nut Fastening Tool(13) Rivet Stud Fastening Tool(8) Multi-function Fastening Tool(24) Other Fastening Tools(8) Transfer Fingers(5) Spacer Tube Bushing(34) Socket Adapter(23) Bit Holder(52) Hammers(11) Flat Key(6) Nut Setters(33) Wire Rope Fasteners(9) Hand Tool Sets(5) Furniture Glides(51) Furniture Hardware and Accessories(66) Furniture Caster(33) Knobs(104) Pulls(38) Brushes(12) Power Tools Accessories(14) Impact Socket(16) Saw Blade(8) Hammer Chisels(1) Wire Stripper/Crimping Tool(6) Nut Driver(8) Handle(16) Bit Sockets(111) Wrenches(69) Hex-key Wrenches(200) Screwdrivers(31) Pneumatic Tools(40) Air Screwdrivers(6) Caulking Guns(125) Anchor Tools(5)


Roller(14) Net Bags(6) Pulley(6) Conveyor Belt(5) Woven Screen(6) RF Coaxial Connectors(36) Servo Drive Motor/Inverter(10) Rubber Seal(75) Hinge/Slide(26) Vibration Plate(2) Steel Chain(3) Rubber Parts(66) Auxiliary Wheel(2) Plastic Products(7) PE Plastic Strips(3) Label Printing(24) Strapping Tools(78)