NC Index Table (Hydraulic lock)

Index Table

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Products Name: NC Index Table (Hydraulic lock)

Features Specifications:

Model YTD-255H(-V) YTD-320H(-V) YTD-400H(-V)
 Stand method Vertical and Horizontal Vertical and Horizontal , (-v) only for vertical
Lock System 35 kg/cm²
Table dimension Φ250 mm Φ320 mm Φ400 mm
Table Center Hole Diameter Φ43 mm Φ43 mm Φ43 mm
Table Center Hole Diameter Φ50 H7 mm Φ40 H7 mm Φ40 H7 mm
Center Height of Vertical Position 160 mm 210 mm 255 mm
Table T-Slot Width D12 H7 mm D14 H7 mm D14 H7 mm
Standard guide block Width D18 H7 mm D18 H7 mm D18 H7 mm
Servo Motor
(FANUC series)
α6 /α8i α12 /α12i α12 /α12i
 Servo Motor
HF103T/ HC152(102) HF203T/ HC202 HF203T/ HC202
 Gear Ratio 1/180 1/180 1/180
 Total speed
(Motor 2000rpm)
Rotation Speed
11.1(0.44) 11.1(0.44) 11.1(0.44)
 Total speed
(Motor 3000rpm)
Rotation Speed
16.7(0.66) 16.7(0.66) 16.7(0.66)
 Minimum input increment  0.001º 0.001º 0.001º
 Indexing accuracy
(accumulative )
15 15 15
 Repetitive accuracy  ± 4" ± 4" ± 4"
 Clamping force 50 kgf/m 85 kgf/m 180 kgf/m
 Clamping Torque force 48 kgf/m 78 kgf/m 172 kgf/m
 Vertical  Load Capacity
(Tailstock used)
100 kg / 250 kg 150 kg / 150 kg 200 kg / 500 kg
 Horizontal Load Capacity  250 kg 350 kg 500 kg
 Net Weight
(Non-motor Weight)
105 kg 175 kg 250 kg

NC Index Table (Hydraulic lock)

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Yan Chain Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

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Tuming Metal Parts,Index Plate Products




No. 6, Lane 254, Sinkang St., Fongshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan






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