WHY 385/ WHY 916 type Horizontal Straightening Machine

Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine

Products Name: WHY 385/ WHY 916 type Horizontal Straightening Machine

Features Specifications:

Suitable for all kinds of steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, ect…The different kinds of bar to straightening, and the length is between 80~400mm. Any screws, motor vehicles, tools, when finished maybe bending but it can be straightening by this machine. The precision and quality can improve qualities.

Model Type Machining Diameter Machining Length Remark
Horizontal WHY 385 Φ4~Φ8.5 100mm~500mm no vibrator bowl feeder
WHY 916 Φ9~Φ14 100mm~500mm  
Vertical AHY 385 Φ3~Φ8.5 80mm~400mm
NHY 385 Φ3~Φ8.5 80mm~400mm no vibrator bowl
VHY385 Φ3~Φ8.5 80mm~400mm no vibrator bowl

Have a straightening machine, make the costs of screw can be lower (Because use continuous furnace to heat treatment) that can to reduce costs, and the expenses saving is significant by years.

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Hung-Yin Enterprise

Main Product:

Vertical Straightening machine,Horizontal Straightening machine,Vibration plate




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Chang Wu-Chang
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