Profile Projectors

Profile Projector

Products Name: Profile Projectors

Features Specifications:

Name:Profile Projectors

Model PJ-H3005FT1-100 PJ-H3010FTI-20 PJ-H3010FT1300
X,Y range 100x50mm(4"x2") 200x100mm(8"x4") 300x100mm(12"x4")
Resolution 0.001mm .0001"/0.001mm 0.001mm .0001"/0.001mm 0.001mm .0001"/0.001mm
Measuring Unit Built-in Linear scales
Table Size 300x240mm(11.81"x9.45") 430x254mm(16.93"x10") 500x254mm(16.69"x10")
Effective area of table 178mm(7" DIA)* 280x180mm(11.02"x7.09") 364x180mm(14.33"x7.09")
Max. workpiece height 105mm(4.13)
Functions Zero-Setting, +/- direction swtiching, SPC output angle display output, XY floating table
Model PJ-H3005FT4-100 PJ-H3005FT2-100 PJ-H3005FT1-100
PJ-H3010FT4-200 PJ-H3010FT2-200 PJ-H3010FT1-200
PJ-H3010FT4-300 PJ-H3010FT2-300 PJ-H3010FT1-300
Power force O O O
Image edge detector(Optoeye) O - -
Protractor screen Effective diameter 306MM(12")
Screen material Fine ground glass
Reference line Staggered cross and crosshair
Angle display Resolution:1 or 0.01(switchable),Range:370
Lens mount Three-piece turret mount(bayonet type)
Projection lens 10x(Options:5x,20x,50x,100x)
Focusing travel 105mm(4.13")

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Profile Projectors




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