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YIH SHWEI is a professional building material screws supplier of quality products and has a quality screws for almost any fastening application from drywall to subfloor to metal roofing and more. You'll experience less fastener problems including wobble, sheared-off, cammed-out screws and much less failure rate.
YIH SHWEI offers a wide assortment of the highest quality fasteners and most fasteners are available in various sizes to help you find the right fastener for your project, all products must meet this high standard of excellence and we let you take all the credit.


a.All parts that meet every customer's specification,including surface hardness,core hardness,ductility,finish and more.
b.Pre-shipment sample of each size must be sent to customer for testing for authorization to ship purchase order.
c.All screws,at customer's request,are complying with trusted standards and building codes.

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Cabinet Screw

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Yih Shwei Bolt Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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Chipboard Screws, Sheet Metal Screws, Flooring Screws, Cabinet Screws, Decking Screws, Coating Screws, Hinge Screws, Thread Cutting Screws, Roofing Screws, Tapping Screws, Drywall Screws, Self Drilling Screws, Landscaping Timber Screws, Head Painting Screws, Collated Screws, Wood Screws, Stainless Steel Screws, EPDM Bonded Washers, Carbon Steel Wires,Phillips Driver Bit, Pozi Driver Bit, Slotted Driver Bit, Hex Driver Bit, Clutch Driver Bit, Spanner Driver Bit, Square Driver Bit, Nutsetters




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